Reasons to Attend Sorority 101!

I wish I could have attended Sorority 101 before I went through recruitment. I was the first person in my family and group of high school friends to go to join a sorority. Even though I had other friends who were Greek, there were many questions I didn’t even know I should ask. 

Whether you are the first in your family to be Greek, the first at a particular university, or following in the footsteps of several Greek women in your family/friends, you can learn a lot at Sorority 101. Here are five main reasons to attend Sorority 101.

  • Learn about the current recruitment process from sorority alumnae.

Sorority recruitment has changed a lot over the years, so it may be different than when your mom or even older sister or cousin joined their sorority. Alumnae who are still involved with Greek life prepares the content for Sorority 101. We will review the recruitment process from the first day to bid day. Information presented is general; however, differences among universities will be shared as well. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions during the session or submit questions anonymously prior to the talk.  

  • Talk to collegiate members from YOUR university

Recruitment varies from university to university. There will be collegiate Panhellenic women from several universities in attendance (stayed tuned to our social media for updates on which schools!). This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and meet some of the women who will be managing recruitment at your university. It will be nice to see a familiar face when it’s time for Recruitment! 

  • Practice conversation

Recruitment is all about talking to and sharing information about yourself with new people. Take advantage of the opportunity at Sorority 101 to introduce yourself to the collegiate Panhellenic women as well as the other attendees to practice your conversation skills. 

  • Get outfit inspiration

What should you wear each day?! Some local stores will bring samples of outfits and accessories that would be excellent for wearing for Recruitment. They can help you to find ideas for outfits that would be appropriate for each round of Recruitment while staying true to your own style. Some vendors may bring coupons as well. 

  • Make friends and meet potential sisters

The other attendees are in the same position as you – heading to college in the fall and interested in joining a sorority. You immediately have two things in common. Meet new people. Make new friends. Find other women who are going to the same university, and start making friends with women who could possibly become sorority sisters in the future! 

Join us at Sorority 101 on March 1st from 3:00pm-5:00pm at Samford University!

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Register for Sorority 101 at https://birminghampanhellenic.com/sorority-101-event/

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