Benefits of Sorority Membership

The Impact of Sorority Life 

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During college, an NPC sorority offers you personal and professional support within a smaller group of friends in a larger university environment. With this support, your individual personal and leadership development is fostered through attending seminars as well as holding officer and committee positions within the chapter.

Membership in an NPC sorority enhances your academic achievement by providing several forms of support to assist you, from study resources to quiet study areas. You are also encouraged to participate in community service through philanthropic activities, setting a pattern of lifelong service to others.

After your undergraduate years, you will have lifelong friendships as well as continued personal and professional support through alumnae activities and networking programs.

Students wishing to participate in recruitment may do so by registering for recruitment with the college Panhellenic, which may be located in the office of student activities or student life.

Many panhellenics have electronic registration through the Panhellenic website. Some universities have links to the Panhellenic website from the office of student activities or student life page. Please see our College Panhellenic Councils page for these links.

More universities and colleges are moving towards a values-based recruitment, click here to find out more!