Request Recommendations

A letter of reference/recommendation/RIF is optional. It is prepared by an alumna of a sorority as a way of introducing you to her sorority. Each sorority and university handles references differently. View your college or university’s Panhellenic site or sorority site for specific information and due dates. Please note that some sororities have revised how they consider recommendations, if they do still. Please check sorority individual websites for additional information. 

It is best if you have a connection with the alumna; they can be family, friends, teachers and acquaintances. If needed, you can submit a request for a recommendation to the Birmingham AL Alumnae Panhellenic listing the chapters you need a recommendation for. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee that a recommendation will be completed. The alumna will contact you directly if she is able to complete a recommendation on your behalf.

Requesting a recommendation from someone you know

If you know an alumna from a sorority, you may ask them to send a recommendation for you, and this is highly encouraged before you submit a request below.

  • Ask at least three weeks prior to the recommendation deadline.
  • When requesting, provide the deadline to the alumna.
  • Give the alumna an updated copy of your resume or list of interests, activities, and honors.
  • Please note that a request does not guarantee a recommendation to the requested sorority.
  • Be sure to write a sincere thank you note expressing gratitude for their time and recommendation.

Requesting a recommendation from the Birmingham Alumnae Panhellenic Association

If there is a sorority (or several sororities) that you need recommendations for and do not know an alumna, the Birmingham Alumnae Panhellenic Association might be able to assist. 

To request a recommendation from alumnae in the Birmingham Alumnae Panhellenic Association use the form linked below. Please submit the form at least three weeks prior to the college recommendation deadline.

Request for Recommendation